Administrative and Training Division

The Administrative and Training Division is responsible for the coordination and planning of continuing professional training for all police department employees. The Administrative and Training Division conducts all pre-employment background investigations for police department applicants and other selected employment applicants.

Training for police officers and civilian staff is mandated and regulated by a variety of federal and state laws in addition to town and departmental requirements. The Administrative and Training Division has oversight of the Field Training Program for all police officer trainees. This 12-week program couples the new police officer trainee with an experienced field training officer (FTO).

The Administrative and Training Division is an integral part of the police department’s duty to maintain the highest standards and ethical values in the hiring and training of new and current police department employees.

The Department continues to provide the most progressive, comprehensive, and high‐quality training that exceeds the requirements of the Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council (CT POST) to our sworn personnel as well as for civilian staff as it relates to their role or assignment. 



Staff Contacts

Training Supervisor
(203) 468-2161